Hello. Thanks for visiting! I’m devoted to God, my husband, and my family; and I love to tell stories through songs. I find inspiration through day to day life hoping that it will bring to your hearts light, laughter, hope, and joy. I love my dog, Blanca, the ocean, cookies, laughing, painting, and all kinds of outdoor adventures.
  • “…her music is truly an inspirational cinema for our souls…with lines that read like a riveting work of fiction, Christie delivers compelling songs based solely on the truest, most enduring story of all time.”
    Casey L. Penn, Singer-Songwriter, Central Arkansas, Creative Director, Pennwords Writing & Design
  • “…Christie Cook’s music has a quality of freshness at every encounter. The flawless beauty of her sound is supported by a sincerity and grace-fullness that resonates in both ear and heart. The result is a voice that is ever – new, as one telling of the precious discovery of a Great Love.”
    Reverend Gotting, St. Christopher Episcopal Church,
    League City, TX
  • “…Once in awhile you hear a voice that wraps itself around your heart and tells you a story. Christie Cook has that kind of voice and sings those kind of songs. Her singing and songwriting are lovely and utterly devoid of the artifice that pervades so much of our world today.”
    Steve Schuch, Night Heron Consort
  • “…Christie Cook is a very talented artist with engaging songs. Her lyrics range from spiritually enriching to very fun. It was pleasure working with Christie in the studio, and I hope every listener enjoys the record as much as I do!”
    Mitch Dane, Producer, Nashville, Tn

New Releases!

Christie's latest albums
Lazy day album cover

Lazy Day

a gem of a song illustrating life’s necessity of a much-needed break amidst a hectic lifestyle.
A Song in the Air by Christie Cook

A Song In The Air

a delightful holiday fusion, blending Christie's heartwarming originals with timeless classics
Fare Thee Well piano instrumental by Christie Cook

Fare Thee Well

a captivating piano album with three compositions featuring a delightful blend of cello and saxophone

About Christie Cook

What attracts people most to Christie Cook's music is...
not only her appealing pure voice, but also the sincerity and honesty that permeates every song she writes. While looking at the world from a perspective of Christian faith, she skillfully paints a picture and tells an amazing story. Her lyrics are poignant and compelling, yet candid.


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